Enfamil A+ Premature

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Designed for low birth weight or premature babies Enfamil Premature A+ infant formula for premature or low birth weight infants with high levels of nutrients to help promote catch-up growth and support a developing immune system.

Extra calories and increased nutrient levels

Designed for low birth weight or premature babies Extra calories and increased nutrient levels.
Enfamil A+ Premature baby formula is scientifically designed, with extra calories and increased nutrient levels, to support the normal growth of low birth weight or premature babies.

Enfamil A+ Premature is formulated to support the rapid growth of premature or low-birth-weight babies:

  • Includes recommended blend of DHA* and ARA**
  • Contains a special mix of DHA, ARA, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamins to support your baby0s growth and development. It contains the expert-recommended level of DHA (a specific type of Omega 3) to support normal brain and vitamin D than other premature formulas
  • Enfamil A+ Premature 30 Cal is a versatile formula that can be customized to help meet the needs of infants in the NICU
  • Enfamil A+ Premature High Protein 24 Calorie option for preemie babies who require more protein
  • Is easy to digest.

Mother’s milk is best for baby and help in preventing diarrhea and illness

*Docosahexaenoic acid
**Arachidonic acid

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