Enfamama A+

Flavor: Chocolate
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Enfamama A+  is a nutritional milk supplement formulated to support the nutritional needs of the mother and baby during pregnancy and lactation. To support a healthy pregnancy and the development of a healthy baby. Containing DHA & Choline, essential nutrients for Brain Development and Neuro function.

Enfamama A+  contains a unique blend of nutrients including:

DHA, an important building block for the brain during the third trimester and early childhood. DHA is also found in breast milk.

Choline, an important nutrient that supports brain growth. It contributes to the synthesis of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter involved in memory and learning.

Folic acid helps to prevent fetal neural tube defects.

Other essential nutrients such as Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Iodine, and Vitamin B6 are important for a baby0s development.

Low Fat.

Product Form: Powder

Pack Size: 400g

Flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate


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