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Nutritionally complete, semi-elemental (predigested) formula for patients with impaired gastrointestinal function.

Peptamen is a complete peptide-based diet rich in MCT oil which provides nutrition in an easily absorbed form for patients with gastrointestinal disorders.

Peptamen contains:

  • 100% Whey Protein Peptides
  • Fat as MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) which optimizes fat absorption
  • An antioxidant blend which supports body0s defense system
  • Low glycemic index
  • Peptamen has a 30+ year clinical success record and over 60 studies supporting the use.

Each serving provides:

242 Kcal, 9.35g Whey Protein Peptides, MCTs, 30 Vitamins and Minerals.

Peptamen is recommended for:

  • Patients with impaired Gastrointestinal function
  • Patients who cannot tolerate formulas with intact or whole protein, also known as standard formulas
  • Pancreatitis
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Early enteral feeding
  • Diarrhea Management
  • Short bowel syndrome

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