Resource Diabetes

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Complete and balanced nutritional supplement for people with Diabetes.

Resource Diabetes has the lowest glycemic Index for better sugar control.

  • Low Glycemic Index = 28. Products with low Glycemic Index release glucose more slowly in blood stream and thus leads to small and gradual rise in blood glucose.

Resource Diabetes also contains:

  • Low Glycemic Load = 6.8
  • High Quantity of Fibre = 4.8g per serving
  • High Quantity of MUFA = 65% of total fats
  • 31 Vitamins and Minerals

Resource Diabetes is a low osmolality formula so it can also be substituted for tube feeding.

Each serving provides:

253 Kcal, 11.3g Protein, 4.8g Fibre, 31 Vitamins and Minerals

Resource Diabetes is recommended for:

  • People with Diabetes
  • People with Pre-Diabetes

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